Agile Testing Tools

What are the best agile testing tools in the market? This is a question many testers have been asking themselves for quite some time.

There are so many new products coming out with so much more functionality than what we had just five years ago.

As software testing professionals, it’s our responsibility to stay on top of this ever-changing industry and use the best test automation tools that will help us do our jobs effectively.

This article discusses the best free and paid agile testing tools that will make your job easier.

List of Best Agile Software Tools

#1. Jira


Best for project management.

Atlassian’s JIRA is an Agile Testing and Project Management Tool.

Jira is a popular agile project management tool that is used as a defect tracking, planning, reports, managing agile software projects.


  • You can create your own filters based on the JQL (Jira Query Language) syntax.
  • JIRA is compatible with agile methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, and others.
  • Jira’s automation engine lets you automate tasks and processes with ease.
  • Bring your favorite build control tool into Jira and gain immediate insight into your development pipeline.
  • It has a robust reporting feature that gives you access to a dozen out-of-the-box reports in real time.


Jira Cloud Plans:
Free: $0 Always free for 10 users
Standard: $5.83 per user (average) $700 a year – User tier: 1 – 10
Premium: $11.67 per user (average) $1,400 a year – User tier: 1 – 10
Enterprise: Enterprise plan pricing is available when you enter 801 or more users above
Data Center Plans: USD 42,000 per year for 500 Users

Trial: 7-day free trial for up to 10,000 users


#2. JMeter


Best for load and performance testing.

Apache JMeter is a free and open-source load testing tool that may help us analyze and characterize the performance of web applications. It also allows us to examine the functional operation of an app while subjecting it to a particular volume of traffic.

Written using the JAVA, Apache JMeter serves as an agile performance testing tool that measures the performance of an application and the functional behavior of that application under a definite load. The tool simulates a heavy load on a webserver to help users analyze the application’s performance.


  • It is a completely free and open-source load testing software.
  • Supports integration with third-party tools such as Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, and others.
  • JMeter has the provision for performance measurement of apps under simulated loads, using graphical analysis.
  • It allows you to measure the performance of both static and dynamic resources like FTP servers, Java Objects, Servlets, and FTP servers.
  • It has the capability of testing the Load and Performances of different servers, applications, etc.

#3. Selenium

Best for automating the entire testing process.

Selenium is one of the most popular and well-known agile testing tools available. It automates the testing process and allows for faster execution of testing strategies. This tool can be used to test web-based applications. It supports running multiple tests at once and delivering the best results. Selenium WebDriver can be used to automate test cases in agile projects. 


  • This tool can automatically test solutions that have been developed with Java, C#, or Python programming languages.
  • It can be used to simplify browser-based software; it does not work on desktop apps.
  • Users can create a keyword-driven interface that simulates how a real user will communicate with an app by automated test cases.

#4. Pivotal Tracker


Best for project planning.

Pivotal Tracker is a project management tool used for project planning. It is based on the Agile development framework but can also be used in many other project models such as Cascade, Iterative, and V-models. This tool helps to divide a large undertaking into smaller projects that can be quickly managed and distributed. 


  • It helps to gain a collective perspective of the entire team and analyzes the team’s progress as the project goes on. 
  • It provides the project team with a real-time progress view that displays the team’s status.
  • Team members can view everything that’s happened in a project from day one to see how changes are mapped to product decisions.

#5. Zephyr


Best for real-time testing of applications.

Zephyr is a real-time testing management tool that integrates cutting-edge concepts to help you plan great testing strategies. It monitors all activities and procedures related to software testing, and ensures the production of high-quality products. Zephyr supports Agile testing, V-model, and waterfall. 


  • It work with JIRA, Selenium, QTP, and other tools.
  • Zephyr is easily integrated with JIRA, which improves the efficiency of testing management. 
  • Zephyr add-on for JIRA allows you to monitor the status of your project and create reliable products.
  • It offers effortless tracking of quality metrics and the efficient execution of tests and storing results.

#6. Worksoft


Best for continuous and agile testing.

Worksoft is a market leader in continuous testing automation for enterprise applications and is now the first choice for multinational companies that want to drive Agile-plus DevOps projects on a large scale and achieve true end-to-end business process automation. It’s framework allows users to test the product without being in the technical domain and provides efficient end-to-end results.


  • It excels in providing continuous support because it delivers frequent app updates and keeps the testing environment always ready for exceptional support to conduct tests, identify system problems and data transfer issues.
  • End-to-end business process verification through corporate systems with this tool is now possible.
  • It maintains a high degree of productivity in dynamic technology environments and regular application changes.

#7. Juno.One


Best for agile test case management and issue tracking.

JunoOne is a flexible JIRA integration platform that allows Agile Test Case Management and Issue Tracking. It offers many resources to help you coordinate research tasks, track individual steps, and document the overall status. JunoOne offers a variety of features. The process begins with the creation of a campaign and then the review of the test results. Next, you will need to create a plan for testing and executing those tests.


  • It is designed to streamline Test Management and Incident Management, allowing users to work more effectively.
  • It offers an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • It provides an excellent data mapping between projects and time schedules.


In this post, we have discussed a list of the best agile testing tools available in the market. These are some of the most popular and reliable tools that can help you get your work done faster. This is not a comprehensive list of all available tools, but it does cover many different types of tools that may need to use when we are working on our projects.

If there is anything I missed or if you have any other suggestions for which tool should be included in this list then please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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